What is different about Live blood test compared to my Doctor’s blood test?

Errol Denton live blood analysis specialist describes it as is the science of evaluating your health at a cellular level by looking at your blood cells under a microscope. By doing this you can see whether there are any potential risks to your health and take preventative action to make ensure those health risks never materialize.

This test differs from the normal blood test you receive at your Doctor’s surgery or hospital because it looks at living blood cells and the way they are actually behaving inside your body thus giving you the true picture of you health.

A conventional blood test called a Complete Blood Count (CBC) involves a Doctor taking a syringe full of blood from your arm. As well as being painful and perturbing to you it is also pretty unnecessary when it comes to actually determining what is actually going on inside your veins within your body. When the blood is taken from your arm it is sent to a laboratory so you may have to wait a couple of weeks for your results. The problem with this test is that thirty minutes after the blood is taken from your arm the blood cells die. When it is taken to the laboratory the dead blood cells are stained with dyes and then counted how many red blood cells, how many white blood cells etc. The finished result is a chart with numbers which you either never get to see or do not understand.

What this test can tell you for example is the number of white blood cells you have but it cannot tell you if those cells are working properly or not. Since the white blood cells represent your immune system it would be a pretty useful thing to know!

Errol Denton states live blood analysis gives you the opportunity to see just that. You will be able to see your white blood cells swimming around gathering bacteria, yeast and mould etc. You will be able to see for yourself just what is happening inside your body and be able to take the necessary action to prevent disease. You will have full control and responsibility for your own health.

Errol Denton allows you to see the true state of your health at a cellular level and then a tailor made nutritional programme is prescribed using food as a medicine to restore the blood to it’s healthy condition. View some people who have done just that here: http://www.livebloodtest.com/case-studies.html - see our useful sites list.